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We specialize in Microsoft Azure DevOps and offer consulting services, migration and training on that product and it's ecosystem.

We have over 30 years of experience in automation of software deployments. Our president has been an Azure DevOps Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the past 15 years

  • Azure DevOps Cloud Services and Azure DevOps Server 2020 consultation services
  • On-prem to cloud migrations
  • DevOps training

Our Services


Azure DevOps Consultation Services

We help teams adopt Agile practices using Scrum or Kanban, setup CI/CD pipelines for build and release automation, create and run automated unit and functional tests, create reusable components with Nuget


Azure DevOps Migrations

We help companies migrate old on-prem versions to the latest version of Azure DevOps Server, migrate from on-prem to the Cloud version


Azure DevOps Training

We help teams solidify their knowledge about Azure DevOps with custom training on any functionality of Azure DevOps. We also can train on general best practices using version control, creating unit or functional tests, setting up good CI/CD baselines.

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